Thursday, July 2, 2015

Denver Tarot Convention!

I have been silent for most of last month as I was getting ready to vendor at Denver's first ever Tarot Convention! I did a test run of my display before leaving the house so I would save some time once I got there. I introduced a few new products including homemade soap and a mini take along tarot in a bag.
I met a lot of fun people, sold a lot of my products and of course, I did a bit of shopping of my own. The most exciting purchase I made is on it's way to me as I write this. It is a used copy of the "Alice in Wonderland Tarot". I am so very excited to get it, thanks to the lovely gal from Tarot Garden. Unfortunately I sold both of my Alice in Wonderland Tarot bags at the convention so I will just have to make myself a new one! Another highlight of the convention was meeting author Mary K. Greer. She has written many books about the tarot, a few of which that were very helpful to me as I was learning to read the tarot

I have some wonderful new products in the works for the store so stay tuned!


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