Monday, April 2, 2012

Tarot Talk

Over the weekend I finally got my long awaited tarot deck called "The Incidental Tarot" by Holly DeFount. It was well worth the wait! I was part of a support team of people who contributed to the artist to get her deck self published. This was done through a great organization called IndieGoGo. It's a site that provides a platform to raise money for your passion. I love the idea of helping to fund independent artists. Because you are in a large group, the cost is not that big and in return you get a beautiful product. This deck is really lovely. It has a medieval/pagan flair that I like. The picture of Triskelion is my favorite because of it's Celtic origin.

Wheel of Fortune 


I also like, (though am still getting used to) the way the artist has changes the minor suits with the Arrows (Wands), Roses (Cups), Quills(Swords), and Oaks (Pentacles). There are also two Talisman cards. Labyrinth, which represents opportunity, and Ariadne which is "guide". Some of the names of the major arcana cards have been changed as well with names such as Gryphon (Strength), Blue Buddha (Hanged Man), Phoenix (Tower) and the aforementioned Triskelion (Wheel of Fortune). I believe MS DeFount is working on a companion book to go with her deck, which would be fantastic. As of now, she includes an informative one page insert into the box which is well done. The question now is, which tarot cloth to use or make to go with my new deck and what about an idea for a tarot bag? at this point I am think a cabled knit tarot bag in a neutral color like oatmeal would be great. I happen to have a Celtic tarot cloth for sale in the store that would go well with this deck. Lucky for me, I made two of them so I have one in my personal stock. I may need to go and munch on one of the chocolate chip cookies I just made this morning for some additional inspiration on just what to make for this tarot deck. It's a cloudy cool day here in the rocky Mountains, a day made for chocolate chip cookies, hot tea and knitting. Cheers!
Queen of Pentacles       

 Here is a link to the artists Etsy:

Celtic Tarot Cloth




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