Monday, August 11, 2014


It's hard to believe that Lammas has come and gone. Wasn't it yesterday that we were happily planting the things we grew from seed? This year we were able to enjoy our tomatoes in late July thanks to perhaps all of the extra rain we've had. It has been so much fun to see everything I grew from seed get so big! Back at the house the herbs are going wild. It has been great to be able to use fresh herbs in my recipes and for the altar. I also have a small bouquet of the flowering ends of the basil sitting by my computer for abundance! My cat Merlin is often seen residing in "his" herbal garden which is located on my planting table, when he isn't hanging out on the big blanket in the middle of the yard. I have been spending my the bulk of my days outside enjoying our not so very hot summer. My laptop, yarn, I-pad, phone and plenty of iced tea and the cats equals my summer office.
Come Fall I will have many mini pumpkins, gourds and ornamental corn to decorate with and use on the altars.
Chive flowers
My crab apple tree is getting full of fruit that is starting to turn a lovely red color. It looks like there will be some crab apple butter being made come September!
Crab apples growing redder each day
I have been caught up in the Outlander craze! I was so taken by the first show. It promises to be visually beautiful with some stunning costumes yet to be seen. I just found a wonderful online pagan radio station called Earlier today they were playing some wonderful Scottish music by a group called Albannach. Me thinks I have found some music to sew to! Although we have well over a month of Summer left, I have already started working on Samhain items for the store and an upcoming market I am doing in the Fall. I still have some Summer lovelies in the works though so keep checking!
Summer Solstice Tarot Bag


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