Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Ostara is just around the corner! Those of us who live in Colorado have already seen the clues. Snowstorm one day, 70 degrees the next. Still, the crocuses are peeking out in some areas, but alas, not mine. We are up high enough in the foothills to be the last to bloom but that's just fine by me. Early next week I will begin digging out the bunnies, baskets, and little sheep figurines that will be used to create an Ostara mantle theme. On Ostara itself I will be dying eggs and maybe some yarn with the leftover dye. The colors of Ostara, are subtle and pale and include a bit of brown as well, since the earth is just at that time, coming out of its slumber. When I made this bag, I was thinking of how the crocuses look when they are just pushing through the inevitable Rocky Mountain spring snow.


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