Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Is Magic

I always love January! A new year bringing with it countless new opportunities. I also love the frosty days, especially the ones that include snow! I enjoy drinking my tea from my red and white nordic mug while sitting in my chair with one of the cats nearby, "helping me knit". The deer are everywhere here in the neighborhood looking for some goodies. A definite inspiration for my Stag tarot cloth! Everywhere I look I see magic and enchantment.

 I started my work year with a custom order for some snowflake handkerchiefs and was inspired to make some for the store as well. A handkerchief is just the thing for those cold outdoor moon rituals, not to mention the upcoming Imbolc! For my ritual, I think I would like to use the colors in this Celtic snowflake handkerchief.


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