Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Element of Fire

I woke up today shedding tears for my beautiful state of Colorado as it continues to be ravaged by fires. With the obvious concerns for the safety of humans and animals, and compassion for all of the personal property that has been lost by so many thus far, my sorrow today is centered on our beautiful mother earth that is being destroyed. Rebirth will come in time, but for now, the devastation of trees and other living things is heartbreaking. It will leave a burned out scar on what once was a canvass of beauty. Some people here in our state have put together an event at noon our time, asking participants to focus on rain without thunder in order to help quell the fires. Religious beliefs aside, there is something to the concept of the power of collective thought to make change happen. My strong belief in science is most times at odds with things like "rain dances" but focused positive thought towards one common goal cannot be a bad thing. As it stands now, the sun is hidden by some clouds which if nothing else will give some relief to the situation and the firefighters out there. Last night I hand dyed two skeins of yarn and coincidentally, when I looked at each one, I knew what their name was.
 The yarn above is a kettle dyed yarn called Freya's Cloud in shades of blue, teal and grey. The yarn below is a hand painted yarn in grey, purple and blue. It's called "Storm"


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