Monday, October 27, 2014

The Glory of Fall

Fall in Colorado is warm and wonderful with a bit of dramatic vistas thrown in for good measure. Our leaf peeking days are behind us even though the weather here has indicated we are still in Summer with the temperatures hovering near 80 for the past two weeks and no snow (yet) for us in October. Today the temperatures finally took a dip and I went out to the back and pulled the final harvest of vegetables and pulled my big pots of herbs into the house.
The tomatoes will ripen over the next month and we will be able to enjoy our bounty for a while to come. Last week, while getting ready for the Witches Ball, I sat outside knitting in the warm afternoon enjoying the quiet. It was so quiet, I could hear the leaves dropping now and again, looking up to see them swirling through the air on their final descent. I'm glad October is a long month becuae it is my favorite month. Getting the house ready for Samhain was a nice long and thoughtful process this year. I was thrilled to be able to use my pumpkins on the mantle in the family room.They fit in so nicely with the ravens, lights and other fall foliage. I never get tired of my decorations. They add to the fun of all of the Halloween movies I have been watching as I knit my nights away.
Thus far I have made my way through "Hocus Pokus", "Corpse Bride", "Nightmare Before Halloween", "Addams Family", "Practical Magic", "Beetle Juice", the first four of the Good Witch movies, and some episodes of Bewitched in between. I still have a handful of Halloween movies left to watch before Halloween arrives which I will have to fit in between watching "Sleepy Hollow", Gotham, The Flash, The Arrow and now, Grimm! I predict I will have lots of wooly things to wear very soon as a result of all this entertainment. My annual Witches tea is later this week so today I baked the breads I will use for my tea sandwiches. The aroma of baked bread still permeates the house. A bit later tonight the house will smell liked apples since I plan to settle down with a nice hot cup of tea and a steaming bowl of a hot baked cinnamon apple. Taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the season resonates deep within my bones. Decorating my home, eating seasonal foods and filling my home with aromas of the seasons, are my rituals as a witch. I hope that everyone takes the time to stop and enjoy the bounty of this season.
Our magical purple Ash


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