Thursday, June 4, 2015


This TBT takes me back just two weeks ago when I was on another trip to Portland Oregon. My husband had a day off so we decided to head out to the Oregon Wine Country, part of which is just 30 minutes outside of Portland. After enjoying a wonderful lunch in the town of Newberg, we headed out to discover some Oregon wineries.The landscape was beautiful as we passed by several vineyards along our travels. It was on our third stop, at a General Store that had a sign outside that read "Wine Tasting Today, that we met Pierre the llama. Pierre is a
 member of the Rain Dance Winery. He is known to be quite friendly and likes having his picture taken, and I was happy to oblige him. They had llama wool and items made from llama wool inside the general store, but I refrained since I had just gathered quite a collection of yarn from the Rose City Yarn Crawl in mid March. As much as he seemed to enjoy having his picture taken, I had a feeling that he might have been looking for treats, or perhaps a glass of Rain Dance's incredible Pinot Noir.


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