Monday, July 23, 2012

By The Sea

Let this set of meditation beads take you away to a beautiful shoreline as you touch the fresh water pearls and the soothing coolness of the pebble shaped Sodalite stones. One of the properties of Sodalite is that is can deepen the meditation experience. It is an excellent stone for the mind bringing peace by eliminating confusion. The set is constructed of 3 sections of 7 beads each. The Celtic drop pendant is symbolic of rebirth which is a quality of the element of water. The set measures about 3 inches around and is accented by pewter beads.  I love the uneven shape of this set. It's an interesting look. The uneven shapes of the stones remind me of some of the smooth stones I pick up as I walk along the beach when I visit California
I like making and selling these small bead sets because they are so versatile. I have used mine for meditation and also as part of one of my altars for inspiration and focus. They also make wonderful gifts for friends.


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