Friday, August 3, 2018

Happy Lammas!

It's been a while since my last post due to a huge growth in my Toadwerks sales. I have some new product ideas I am hoping to harvest very soon. In the meantime, I celebrated the first harvest my harvesting a giant cucumber from my garden and making some refrigerator pickles from half of it. The rest of it will be put in the salad tonight. I love the lids I found from the Pioneer Woman's line of kitchen goods. I'm planning to use them for my buttons as well.
 A salad made with our own tomatoes and lettuce will be nice. This year's harvest has not been very abundant but it as been tasty. I grow the lettuce hydroponically so I can have it all summer long. A batch of lettuce grows in around 2 to 3 weeks which is great and a lot easier than a dirt garden!
What plans are you going to harvest this season? Something to think about......
Part of my herb garden on the patio

The giant cucumber which surprisingly was not bitter!
Our plot at the community garden


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