Friday, August 26, 2016

Harvest Time

Our gardens did pretty well this year. We tried some new vegetables and are still waiting to see how things will turn out for some. We had great success with green beans, tomatoes and lettuce. In our back yard we have a beautiful white crab apple tree that has given us one of the largest amount of fruit we have seen in years despite a late snow this past spring. I was excited about being able to make my crab apple butter, but decided I needed help this year in learning how to can it since we had a bumper crop. My kitchen maven friend and fellow blogger Pink at That Crafty Bitch (see my blog favs on the right) instructed me in the fine art of canning which, as it turns out, is not as complicated as I thought it might be. It was just a whole lot of fun! Here are the highlights in pictures from concept to finish


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