Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Oh Gods!

My passion  for making handkerchiefs is never ending these days and having found some wonderful Goad and Goddess designs has only fueled my creative fire. I think my favorite thus far is Isis. I was able to create her using a multicolor thread which gave me a spectacular effect. All of the Goddess/Gods designs are delicate which makes for a perfect design for the lightweight material that I use for my handkerchiefs. At present, I am working on bringing some of these beings onto my tarot cloths as well. I have thus far made two of them and really think they are great for people who like a simpler cloth using their favorite gods.
My Pan cloth, for example, is sweet  and subtle in color so that Pan can be seen playing his music in the corner of the cloth. With this collection I have used a mix of stark white and tea stained cloths, letting the personality of each god determine which direction to go. Hades and Hecate insisted on tea stain, the darker the better.
Artemis wanted to fly high up in the sky so white was the obvious choice there. I am still  working my way through more of the gods and wondering if I can't just make a day of the week hanky set  out of them. Hmmm.....


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