Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Solstice

This year's summer solstice was punctuated nicely by the beautiful super moon. I however, tend to do my summer solstice celebration during the day in order to enjoy the beauty of the beginning of the bounty of summer. As part of my celebration, I took some lavender stalks from my plant and wrapped them around my wand that happens to be made from the purple ash tree in my front yard. I also knit a ribbon for the broom that hangs by my front door while sitting outside on my porch with my cats, enjoying some freshly made iced tea brewed with lemon verbena and mint from my pot garden. I added some silk flowers to it along with a small bell in order to welcome any fairies that may be hanging out in the front yard. Finally, I set out my fairy offering of milk and honey by the light of the super moon and was more than pleased to see that it was gone the next morning. Fairies can be pranksters so it's best to have a good relationship with them. I am happy to say that I have some delightful fae companions living in my backyard. I believe that they are especially happy with their garden since the plants in it are thriving. They turned the teapot house I placed in it around to the back side to let me know they are around. Magic is indeed afoot in my backyard this summer and I intend to spend as much time outside in it as I can!

 How did you celebrate the summer solstice?


Fairy garden is blooming


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