Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Harvest Magic

Busy much? Yes! I have been meaning to sit down and update this blog and here it is NOVEMBER! I honestly do not know where the time goes these days. The good news is that I have been busy streamlining my products in the shop giving customers more personalized choices! The bad news is that it's working and I am busy sewing! LOL 
Having my husband here in town on a job also makes life a bit more hectic since he looks to me to provide dinner at least a few times a week! The crock pot has once again become my good friend. Not only can I fix it and forget it, and get two meals out of it as well. With Fall upon us now I am really enjoying making the seasonal foods that we enjoy. Tonight I made an apple pie and last week it was a pumpkin pie. I started out the season making a few Apple Crisps which are my favorites. I use a recipe from a very old edition of the Fanny Farmer cookbook. The recipe I use is called Apple Candy and it is really yummy and simple using only flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon.

Our gardens have been harvested with mixed results. As always my pumpkins and ornamental corn did great. This year we tried carrots and got quite a few in purple, white and orange! We also got some beets but they were teeny tiny. We did not get as many tomatoes as we have in the past thanks to some hungry squirrels in our yard!

I love to grow the mini pumpkins to use to decorate my mantle and also to use for any fall rituals. The best part is that they last throughout the season as does my corn. This year I took my corn and placed them in a bowl with a set of tiny fairy lights inside the bowl. It was a nice effect! Since Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year, I like to really savor all of the flavors, sounds and aromas of these seasons. My wish for you this Fall is that you too are able to slow down just a bit and smell the cinnamon and the leaves and all of the goodies baking in your oven!


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