Saturday, May 14, 2016

Passion For Purple

After having two snowstorms in late April and early May, we finally got some Spring! We have three large Lilac bushes in our back yard and they are finally in full bloom. I sat outside the other day to read and take in the glorious scent of Lilac.Living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains means a very late start to Spring planting season. We won't be able to plant any warm weather crops until the end of May.
This did not stop us going out to our community garden opening today and planting some cold weather plant seeds. We planted brussel sprouts and beets today and checked on our lettuce which is already in progress.
 A good day indeed considering it was 45 degrees!
We also planted three new bushes outside the front of the house. Our Vinca is spreading and blooming over the rocks in the front of the house, looking as beautiful as ever. I decided to join in the spirit of it all and add a bit of purple to my hair as well. I am happy with the results!


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