Thursday, September 25, 2014


I can hardly contain my excitement over having been able to decorate my Mabon home with pumpkins and corn that I grew myself from seed. We harvested the last of the pumpkins over the weekend, and although my total harvest is not as large as I had hoped for, there are plenty of pumpkins to decorate with.  I love the fact that I share my birthday with Mabon. This next 3 months of Autumn are my favorite time of the year. Though I am busy crafting away for upcoming Samhain, I am also taking time to make some fall theme things as well. Harvest time is not finished. There are still plenty of tomatoes on the vine turning redder with each day, yellow squash striving to grow big enough to use in the coming weeks and a pepper here and there. I had to harvest and then cover the plants just over a week ago when we had a frosty night, but they all seemed to have survived the frost thanks to some planning.
My Mabon ritual table included the pumpkins and corn I had harvested. I also included a bowl of three different  freshly cut herbs from my garden that blended well with my ritual. By chance I found some new statuary just a few days before Mabon. She is a brown Celtic Goddess who wears a small moonstone on her head. Not only was she perfect for Mabon, she also looks great on the mini altar I keep on my desk. I often use my tarot cloths as altar cloths for my rituals. I like having handmade things on my ritual table whether they are made by me or someone else. It adds to the personal nature of the ritual.
The trees around here are already starting to turn a golden yellow that looks so dramatic against the backdrop of the dark green pine trees that dominate the high country. This weekend we plan to take a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park to take in the Fall colors against some dramatic landscape. Though it is still warm around here, up there we will most likely feel the subtle crispness in the air. Excitement!
Now that Fall is officially here it is also time to start cooking some of my Fall favorites. This coming weekend  my D&D group is gathering to do some Pathfinding. Along the way we will have to stop for some adult beverages and my homemade chili. I feel there might also be the first apple crisp of the season for dessert as well! With just a month to go until the Denver Witches Ball, I must make time to sew up a storm since I will be a vendor there this year for the very first time! My plans for increasing my blog posts will most probably have to be put off for a bit, though one never knows.. Wishing you all a Blessed Fall!


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