Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Celtic Summer

 Summer is officially here! I welcomed the season in with a drumming down of the Sun followed by a sweet fairy inspired dinner for two with my muggle husband. By the fairy door at the tree I set out the milk and honey offering for the fairies, lighting a small candle on either side of it so they could see their way. It worked because by morning it was gone.Candles and lights lit up my porch and the festive music of Spiral Dance playing in the background added to the ambiance of the warm summer night.
I sipped some frozen Lemoncello while my muggle enjoyed some chocolate satin mead. I set the table so that we could both look out into the yard in case a fairy should happen by, though
I felt that they were waiting until we went inside.
I have found that  my creative inspiration for this season is coming from the fairies and my Celtic leanings. I have been working on coaster sets and singles for the store that I hope reflect the season while still working on items for the upcoming season which is my hands down favorite after all.
I have rearranged the shop into different sections in order to better reflect the variety of magical themes that encompass my work The coasters above are from the "Celtic Inspired" section as are the Celtic Flower set here.
With Mercury retrograde over today, and a waxing moon in our midst, now is the time to start planning all of those things you want to see increase in your life. May our gardens bloom and grow and may love, health and abundance grow as well. Summer is a time to relax, renew and explore the beauty and serenity of Mother Earth as she is awake in all of her glory.
I for one, love sitting outside on my porch in the mornings sipping my coffee and enjoying the soft sounds of nature that can be heard in the silence of early morning. Evenings emit their own magic under the twinkling lights of a summer sky and a candlelit porch.  Enjoy the magic of summer! Blessed Be!


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